Improving your WiFi wireless signal and internet connection around the house


Extending WiFi signal
Additional wireless routers
Wireless Hot spots
Hard wired connections


Having trouble with WiFi? 

These days many devices depend on a internet signals WiFi or hard wired connections around the house.

We can run new internet cables from your existing router and adding to an additional router giving you a new hard wire connection plus a new WiFi connection. 

This will boost your WiFi signal in the house 

Hard wiring devices can give you a faster and more reliable connection rather than wireless signal and sometimes every bit of extra speed can really help. 

When it comes Netfix, catch-up such as iplayer hard wiring can give you that bit of extra speed that you need. 


Lets be clear we can not improve you internet speed from the line as that is fixed by your phone line via the internet provider.

We can improve your wireless connections if you have no WiFi in some parts of the house or if your wireless connection is slower than your hard wired connection. 

Home plugs 

Home plugs are a quick fix for giving you a hard wired internet connection around the house.

However these are not as good as a hard wire cable as you lose speed and often drop out. home plugs can also vary depending on the house you have. 

For example If its a large house and old wiring the speeds are reduce and also the reliability.

We have done test with speed testing apps to find that hard wiring is faster than home plugs and faster than WiFi.