Freesat is a digital satellite TV service entertaining you with over 200 great TV and radio channels and treat you to high definition for free.

These systems are very much the same as freeview  from your TV aerial but instead you the same sky mini dish. 

Freesat highlights:

  • Over 200 digital TV and radio channels
  • High definition TV programmes subscription free
  • No contract, no subscription, just a one off payment
  • Available to almost every home in the UK

Satwise Aerials & Satellite Services can help you go digital with Freesat TV!

Freesat – Installed & Repaired

  • New & upgrade SD, Freesat + and Freesat HD Installations
  • Non Standard & Discreet Satellite Dish Installations
  • Freesat Multiroom & Satellite Dish LNB Upgrades
  • Prompt Freesat Repair – Dish Alignments & Faulty Connections
  • Moving Home? We Can Remove & Install At Your new Property
  • Bespoke service
  • Signal, Picture break up fixed
  • LNB upgrades including twin cable up grades











Freesat is provided FREE of monthly charges and is also available in high definition free of charge! Freesat bring you over 150 digital TV and radio channels from broadcasters such as the BBC and ITV with no contract or monthly bills.

All you need to receive Freesat is a new digital satellite system, which will only cost you the installation. We can supply and install all Freesat systems in Standard Definition (SD) ,HI Definition (HD) or HI Definition Recorder HDR.

The new Freesat system was developed to ensure that everyone could enjoy access to the delights of digital television no matter where you live in the UK; providing coverage for those who cannot receive the current Freeview signal enabling viewers to enjoy access to the latest local and international news, weather and sports!

Freesat can also help people that want to watch there region channels giving you every region in the UK, so if you want Bristol news but you receive Plymouth on your TV aerial  you can select both on freesat or even Scotland if you wish.

With a Freesat system you will have total control of the built in programming guide, which provides current TV listings up to seven days in advance. This type of system also allows viewers to use digital subtitles and audio description.


Satwise can fix signal problems and picture break up, including when only some channels are not working or are intermittent .


Bespoke service

When ordering freesat from a national or high street company their aim is to get in, install and get out as fast they can, in fact book time for a freesat install is only 1 hour. (normally about 8 jobs a day!) meaning they install in the quickest way and maybe not the way you would like.

Satwise can do none standard bespoke installations giving you more options and making the job the way you would prefer, this may include installing wall socket TV plates (rather than seeing a hole on the inside of your wall), installing the cable the way you want or the satellite dish in another location on your house including chimneys or where it may not be seen. Feel free to ask us about our bespoke service.

Fantastic Freesat Picture Quality in HD!

One of the most appealing features of the new Freesat system, is not just the huge number of channels available but the fact it is offering High-Definition technology on its range of channels, such as BBC One, BBC HD, ITV HD, Channel 4HD, direct to your television, ALL COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE!

High Definition provides a much higher quality of digital viewing as oppose to standard definition. You will be able to watch your favourite programmes with more vibrant colours and in much finer detail. HD also provides improved audio solutions with many programmes available in Dolby Digital Surround Sound.

As long as you have a HD compatible television, your HD Freesat receiver will allow you to watch a number of fantastic programmes in the superb High Definition.


Freesat has BBC iPlayer, ITV player, C4 , C5 and You Tube i online TV service , Now you can catch up 50 past days of TV programmes Find it at . ALL COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE!

You’ll need an actual broadband speed of 2 Mbps to watch On demand

Freesat + -Pause/Rewind/Record

Now use your Freesat system to Pause, Rewind or Record your favourite shows with Freesat + The eagerly awaited Freesat + is now available! Not only can you receive a huge number of channels through the amazing features of HD viewing and interactive TV listings but now you can also have the pause, rewind and record features normally associated with subscription satellite stations.

This facility now enables viewers to record their favorite programmes and with a second cable feed you will be able to view one programme whilst recording another. This remarkable technology will end all the fighting for the remote control ensuring the whole family never miss their favorite television shows again!

Freesat + has reduced the need for recordable DVD equipment, as all your favourite shows are stored into the systems huge 320GB hard-drive which provides up to 80 hours of HD viewing.

As you would expect from Satwise Aerials & Satellite services, we became one of the very first approved BBC/ITV Freesat installers in the Somerset,

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